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Select Your Writing Experience

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Journey with us as a Digital Diarist on Explore and contribute to digital diaries, connect in community virtual gatherings, and enjoy behind-the-scenes glimpses. This tier is a welcoming space for digital storytellers to share and grow together.

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For those who cherish the art of storytelling, join this journey with us on for the great love of stories. Choose between digital or physical diaries and receive limited edition postcards. Participate in our community virtual gatherings, enjoy behind-the-scenes content, and immerse yourself in stories from other diaries. Together, we create and share meaningful narratives.


Join us for a six month experience in the Digital Diary Circle. You'll have exclusive access to a digital-only diary, where you can read entries before and after yours and participate in community virtual gatherings. This tier invites you to dive deep into a focused and intimate storytelling journey with others.

Get to Know Our Patreon Community

The Traveling Diary Patreon community is a vibrant hub where the magic of storytelling and connection thrives. By joining the Digital Diariest or For the Great Love of Stories tier, you unlock the opportunity to immerse yourself in compelling tales from the diary, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse experiences. We understand that each visitor brings their unique level of engagement and commitment to our shared adventure. To accommodate and celebrate this, we've curated two distinct membership tiers, each offering its own set of exclusive benefits and experiences. The monthly tiers are hosted on, where the behind-the-scenes magic is shared. 


Join us and be part of a community that cherishes storytelling and nurtures lasting connections.

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