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The Bonfire Diary



About the Diary

The Bonfire Diary—a sacred diary, a place of grounding, where stories are inscribed, released, and kindled in the warm glow of the bonfire. Our theme is a simple yet profound invitation: "Letting Go." It's a place for you to express and liberate what your heart yearns to release.

Let Go and Ignite: The Bonfire Diary isn't just pages in a book. It's a place to release what has been burning up inside. Write it down, and letting it go. Pour your thoughts, memories, and sentiments onto its pages, knowing that this diary will end ignited in a bonfire.

Get in the Queue:

Join us to get in the queue to receive it. Your participation is a spark in this transformative journey the diary will embark, and your story, like logs in the fire, deserves the warmth of release.

Note: The delivery of the diary may take a long time after signing up. As the diary physically travels through the postal service, it embarks on a journey from place to place, connecting participants worldwide. We kindly request your patience as the pages within are gradually filled with stories. We assure you that this unique experience, though it may require some waiting, is truly worth the anticipation.

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