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The Diary Circle



About the Diary

Join a Global Sisterhood of Eight 

Immerse yourself in a unique community where you and seven other incredible women from diverse backgrounds share a physical diary, passing it among yourselves. Experience the power of connection as you share your stories, dreams, and experiences.

Unlock the doors to a world where your stories matter. Connect, resonate, and build lasting friendships with women who understand the beauty of your journey.


Share Your Story: Share your experiences and learn from others.

Global Connections: Break down borders and embrace diversity as you connect with women worldwide.

Sense of Belonging: Navigate life's adventures together, forging deep connections.

Exclusive to The Diary Circle

Receive it Sooner than the standard waiting time and receive the diary faster.

Extra Time to read stories from the book you contributed to, adding a personal touch.

Read and Write, receive the diary twice—first as the writer, then as the reader. Plus, contribute again by writing in it if inspiration strikes.

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