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Diary Circles

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Why Diary Circles?

Diary Circles is an intimate avenue where groups of no more than eight women unite, sharing their tales in a more focused setting. While it doesn't aim to replace our current model, this approach provides an alternative that might present a potentially shorter waiting period due to the limited participants.

A Modest Contribution, A Boundless Return:

For a small fee of $25, you can embark on this enriching path. And as a gesture of gratitude to early adopters, you'll be grandfathered at this rate for all your future Diary Circles.

Nurturing Our Shared Roots:

Our commitment to community remains unwavering. That's why 20% of the proceeds from Diary Circles will feed into a Community Fund, dedicated to initiatives that elevate our collective experience.

Free At Heart:

Our core diary-sharing remains free, cherishing the spirit that brought us all together. Diary Circles is an additional layer, curated for those looking for a slightly different experience.

Your tales, patience, and trust have shaped this community, and with Diary Circles, we're merely penning a new page filled with promise and camaraderie.

Ready to Join Diary Circles?

Jump into this new adventure by signing up and securing your spot. Click here to enroll and process your payment. Hurry, as slots are limited!

Ready to Join
Diary Circles

Jump into this new adventure by signing up and securing your spot.

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