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The Traveling Diary™: A Sisterhood of Stories

We’re so excited that you want to be part of this creative storytelling journey, and join the tour of the Traveling Diary™: A Sisterhood of Stories.  With all of the chaos happening in the world right now, storytelling within a community of strangers feels like a welcoming oasis that we can escape to for genuine connection. We look forward to doing that with a global community of women through this experience as the diary travels via regular snail mail from person to person capturing your stories about hopes, dreams, and/or your “now”.  When the diary returns, you’re invited to join a very special gathering where all the women who participated in the tour can meet each other. It’s going to be so exciting!

Why I’m collecting stories from different women in a traveling diary


I thought about creating a traveling diary because I wanted a way to be able to connect with people from all over the world. The idea came to me one night when I was up late, just having a conversation with my partner about ways to help people connect more deeply during this time of isolation. I began to wonder about what other women in different countries, states, cities, towns, cultures, and areas were experiencing during this isolation period in their own words. I wanted to learn some of the things that they might be experiencing culture-wise, particularly women — how they were managing family, how they were managing work, other responsibilities, things that they felt like they were responsible for, but maybe, in reality, they really weren’t.

As I imagined listening to these stories, I wanted the experience to be as enjoyable and engrossing as listening to a vinyl record played on a record player with a nickel delicately placed on the needle to keep the songs from skipping. Hearing their stories through interviews streamed online in a manicured setting did not interest me at all. I wanted an experience that felt authentic, safe, and open.

 The Traveling Diary is a community free from the glare of social media where women share parts of their lives in physical diaries that travel from woman to woman. The diaries have traveled across 30 countries. We started in 2020 and continue today.  The outpouring for reading and writing in these shared diaries has never waned.


You can join our Patreon community to read stories, attend exclusive events and receive tokens that grant special access to more perks.

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Welcome to the Traveling Diary community. Here, women from over 30 countries pour their experiences into tangible notebooks, weaving a tapestry of tales that journey across borders and hearts.

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